Eva Bergtold





Eva Bergtold is the sole proprietor of The Catalina Beach Resort, Zihuatanejo’s oldest hotel.  Built by Mr. Alfonso Galindo Mackintosh in 1952, Catalina Beach Resort (former Hotel Catalina) was the first hotel along Zihuatanejo's beautiful and protected bay shoreline. Perched proudly above the bay, with steps leading down to its private beach, .the views and sunset from the hotel’s infinity pool, bar, restaurant and rooms inspire tranquility and inner calm. 


Eva and I sit and chat on the terrace, sipping fresh squeezed orange juice.  This lovely woman has many priceless stories and secrets to share. When Eva’s companion of 37 years died in 2002, Eva had to take over maintenance and management, not an easy task, physically and financially. There are many stairs to climb, and daily challenges that take their toll.


Eva’s eyes are soft and a little sad as she talks about the past and future of her precious paradise. “We are a large group of expat “sun people” who is very well- off   because the sun changes everything. Here people are friendly and the place is so beautiful.  I am an older woman still feeling young; I will stay here as long as I can, but if I sold the hotel, I could then go back to Germany where my son lives.  “Now, I am expanding the lobby and upgrading the rooms. I want to concentrate everything on nature and keep the integrity of all the original Mexican style. I want to attract a new breed of loyal guests by re-inventing The Catalina Beach Resort as a wellness retreat with yoga, healthy living seminars and writers' workshops,  


To contact Eva: info@catalinabeachresort.com.mx