SEVAN BI«AK«I is a remarkable man, and an intricately talented artist who spends his life living his dream and getting paid for it; his intricately designed rings are in the treasured possession of many discriminating collectors of fine art and exquisite jewelry. We meet at the Four Seasons in Istanbul where his work is showcased, as it is all over the world, including Barneyís New York. Emre Dilaver acts as Sevanís interpreter. Only our eyes and our soul are able to speak the same language. This is a man whose heart is as large as the rings he works months to create.

Sevan collaborates with all kinds of artisans; he is the master of micro mosaics, piling one layer on top of another to build huge rings that defy a meek finger. I look into the center of a stone and see seagulls flying around; they have all been hand painted on the back of the stone. I look into a huge citrine and see the head of a Trojan horse, and a scene from the Battle of Troy. He tells me: ďI am never inspired by previously made jewelry, but how I perceive life in Istanbul. I am inspired by Rumi, the great philosopher and poet, who teaches us that when you find God in yourself, learn to love you, then you can love and find God in others.Ē As I embrace and examine each ring, I feel I am exploring Sevanís soul. This is a man who wants to be understood; he is evolving within his own personal stratosphere as he searches for complex and deep meanings.

Each piece is a different collaboration. It begins with his idea, rooted in his passion for the history of Islamic art and architecture; he then collaborates with an archeologist who has knowledge of micro mosaics; a miniature painter from Iran with knowledge of porcelain making, and a stone setter (which is an art in its own way) who is a big contributor to the finished masterpiece. As many as nine people work on one piece: engraving on metal, enameling, miniatures painting, illuminating the piece, and setting the stone . . . all of which reflect his genus.

Sevan, a true visionary is a magnet for talented people; he continues to experiment, as he translates his thoughts, ideas and emotions into new collections. Turkey can take great pride in Sevanís devotion to Islamic art and its evolution as he preserves and translates the soul of Istanbul, Sufism and the roots of Rumi into priceless treasures.

He calls an assistant on his cell; I am unable to understand what he tells him, but shortly thereafter he arrives with a gift, nestled in a small velvet jewelry box; I am overwhelmed by his generosity.

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