Once I arrive at a (city) or check into a resort, I immerse myself in the culture: eating, drinking and shopping to support the local economy. As a people person, I thrive on spontaneous encounters, and love to talk to strangers who welcome me with a smile or a nod.


All of my experiences are unique and worth sharing: In South Africa, a country that changed my life, it was the thrill of floating over diamond mines in a hot air balloon, then crash landing in a tree . . . the pounding of my heart when a herd of 100 wild buffalos) surrounded the rover, sniffing and snorting . . . and the rare sighting of a leopard with her two cubs my first day in the bush. (more)


In Cairo, the Four Season’s Spa transported me back in time, to the days when pharaohs ruled, and the queens of Egypt had to maintain sexual arousal at all times to please the Gods of the after life. When I sat on a cane throne,, with a hole in the seat, vapors of herbal steam rose from an incense burner on the floor, wafting up between my legs, purifying my femininity. (more)


In Istanbul, the cultural capital of Europe, I was treated like an Ottoman Princess; the Ritz Carlton Hotel staff greeted me as their most important guest; and a Royal Sultan six hand massage in the hotel’s Laveda Sanctuary Spa had been scheduled for my arrival . (more)


From the moment I crossed the steel gang plank in Dalaman onto the Papa Joe, a private Turkish gilet, until we docked in Bodrum a week later, I was in a world of rare indulgence few have experienced: champagne, caviar, swimming in secret coves. (more)


And my week of yachting from Athens to Rome on the SeaDream can best be described as “living my dreams”, especially when I was one of only 110 passengers, with a crew of 100 to serve me, a tiny Thai spa that couldn’t do enough to please me, and little known ports to explore. (more)

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