For me, getting to any destination begins on an airline that pampers its passengers 37,000 feet high in the sky. The first thing I do when I board is make friends with the crew; they hold the key to my onboard happiness, as does a flat bed, down comforter and a crystal goblet filled with vintage wine. 




JET BLUE'S state–of-the- art terminal # 5 at JFK has changed my travel habits. Getting to the airport early now has its perks. The terminal is a happening destination in its own right, one that offers a wide array of 40+ dining, shopping, drinking and pampering experiences. The restaurants will prepare food to go, including the delectable food court with hot and cold buffets. There are fascinating educational exhibits and a children’s play area to keep kids of all ages entertained, including a fuselage engine that explains turbo energy.  ...  (more)





Spirit Airlines is flying high, expanding their dominance in the Caribbean and routes to South America. Starting out as a no frills airline, they have maintained their niche (in spite of soaring fuel costs) with perhaps the lowest fares of any domestic or International carrier. They maintain on-time departures and arrivals, fly new airbus A319 equipment, and practice the theory "an empty seat is a non revenue seat"; therefore, ...  (more)





Turkish airlines - At a time when the high cost of fuel is forcing airlines to eliminate or cut back on food and amenities in economy class, some airlines are flying high with gourmet cuisines to attract and indulge connoisseur Business and First Class passengers. Turkish Airlines serves exquisite traditional Turkish delicacies; ... (more)




Lufthansa - Not too long ago, I had the treat of being invited to celebrity Chef Extraordinaire David Bouley’s Test kitchens in the Tribeca district of New York City, not far from his famous restaurants. The occasion was the tasting of the “Star Chef” menus he had created for Lufthansa’s First and Business Class service on all International flights out of Germany. (more)





Air Tran - A unique airline philosophy that works.  Before my recent AirTran flight from New York to San Francisco, with a quick change of planes in Atlanta (their hub), I was under the misconception that this economically priced carrier only offered service between New York and 10 Florida cities. Wrong!  ... (more)





FinnAir - My round trip flights to and from Helsinki on FINNAIR are worth sharing. Business Class service in both directions was relaxing, low key and totally stress free, thanks to the highly attentive team of in-flight attendants who enjoyed lavishing passengers with excellent service and better- than- I -expected food; ... (more)





Cathay Pacific - I am invited to celebrate Cathay Pacific Airline’s non-stop service from JFK to Hong Kong. My wide reclining Business Class seat promises a comfortable and reassuring flight.  I begin my fifteen and a half-hour journey-with a glass of champagne, smoked salmon, duck soup and crab dumplings; the thick lamb chops are succulent and tender...  (more)





Avianca  Airlines - non stop five and a half hour flight from New York to Bogotá, is comfortable and well serviced by a smiling and upbeat Colombian crew. Colombia is known for its food and this flight upheld that reputation with a delicious in-flight typical Colombian lunch in both business and economy class.  Flying economy on the way down, Business/First on the return, I am able to experience both classes of service. There is plenty of leg room, and a host of onboard amenities that reflect the taste and generosity of the airline, and the people of Colombia.  , ...  (more)




South African Airways - We arrive in Johannesburg on a South African Airways non-stop flight from New York, less than fifteen hours after take-off, refreshed and relaxed . . . thanks to the comfort of business class, excellent in flight service, some very good South African wine, and a few hours ...  (more)