I invite you to share my memorable colorful journeys

And to join me on an Adventure for a Cause

As a travel, food and spa writer, I live my life as a series of chapters in a book, gathering knowledge and personal memories to fill the pages. I have experienced the luxury of flying business and first class around the world … sailing and cruising the seven seas on gleaming white yachts … riding the rails on what I can best describe as palaces on wheels… and indulging my passion for pampering at more than 450 luxury spas and resorts.

During my journeys, my body has been detoxified, purified, beautified and blessed in almost every language . . . in the African bush . . . floating down the Amazon and up the Nile . . . by the pyramids . . .  in rain forests and botanical gardens . . .  in airports and 37,000 miles high in the sky.   My skin and my mind have been treated to the hands, spirit and souls of rural villagers, shamans, high priestesses,  tribal leaders, naturalists and  sophisticated  spa therapists . . . with every wild herb, root, bark, sacred clay and mineral waters known to ancient and modern man.

When I meet people, they enviably respond: “what a great life I wish I had your job”, followed by: “What are your favorite destinations and spas?  Of course I have favorites: The Four Seasons in Chiang Mai, a fairytale that rises from a rice paddy with its own herd of buffalo that work the fields . . .  Chiva Som in Hua Hin, a jewel in my tiara of spas that sits on a beach protected by a 60 foot gold Buddha. . . The Oberoi in Lombok, where smiling faces chanted “what may we do to please you” but what I cherish most are the people I meet who share their traditions and touch my heart.